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1.      Daily transport to Universidad Autónoma de Madrid 
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid is in Cantoblanco Campus, to the north of Madrid city, and near to these towns: Alcobendas and San Sebastián de los Reyes.
You can get to the campus in different ways:
•         By train: Inside the same campus it is the station Cantoblanco-University to which you can arrive with the línea de cercanías-Renfe C4, towards Alcobendas-San Sebastián de los Reyes or Colmenar Viejo.
•        By bus: From Intercambiador de Plaza de Castilla there is line 714 that goes to UAM. There are other lines that connect with UAM, as 828 from Canillejas to UAM, going from Barajas Airport, and 827, that goes from Canillejas to Tres Cantos.
•      By car: To arrive to the campus of Cantoblanco from  Madrid city, you must take the highway M-607 address Old Apiary and to stray in the exit 15.
To move for Madrid, Metro is recommended. See the map of Metro de  Madrid

2.      Lodging recommendations.
The train is the fastest mean of transport to arrive to UAM, and it connects the campus with the center of Madrid from these stations: Atocha (25 minutes), Sol (20 minutes) and Nuevos Ministerios (15 minutes) for 1.5 euros the trip. For this reason, the recommendation is to live in the Madrid city, what will allow you to arrive in a short time to UAM and to enjoy Madrid city center.
Some economic recommendations of well-located lodging are the following ones
•         Hostel:
•         Hotels:
There is also the possibility of housing inside the same campus in  residence Erasmo so as to avoid the round  trips from Madrid to the campus.

3.      What to see in Madrid.
Madrid is a city full of history and places to visit;  among those ones we highlight:

•         Monumentos:
Plaza de Oriente y el Teatro Real. http://www.teatro-real.com/
Plaza Mayor.
Puerta de Alcalá

•         Paseos y jardines de Madrid:
For any general information the following pages web can be browsed:
•         http://www.turismomadrid.es/

4.      Where to eat in the campus.
There are two cafeterias in the same building where V Jornadas de Jóvenes Musicólogos will take place; in those ones, daily menus are served, one in the Facultad de Filosofia y Letras and another one in the Facultad del Profesorado y Educación.
Outside of these Faculties but in the surroundings, there is Pabellón B (Building 14. To see it: see map enclosed  of the Campus of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), where there is a great dining room where menus are also served (Buildings 2 and 3. See map  enclosed of the Campus of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

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Módulo IV- Despacho 104- I
Departamento Interfacultativo de Música
(Facultad de Filosofía y Letras)

Facultad de Formación de Profesorado
Tomás Valiente, sn
28049 Madrid
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
91 4972923 / 4975670

Scientific committee

Scientific committee (UAM):

- Pilar Cámara
- Laura García
- Marisa Luceño
- Belén Muñoz
- Sara Navarro
- Sara Angelina Pedraz
- Estrella Sánchez

Registration form

Registration form (attendance and participation) 

The participants and attendants in V Jornadas de Jóvenes musicólogos and Students of Musicology: Challenges of the musical investigation of the XXI century must register filling in the registration form (point 1), and so, answering to a series of questions for the good management and organization of the conference (point 2).

1.The  registration form, which can be accessed through the following link V Jornadas de Jóvenes musicólogos and Students of Musicology: (registration Form) will allow you to carry out the payment of the V Jornadas. In this link you should find the so-called link (Conference) from which the registration and payment can be carried out as much as online as for bank documents showing payment.
If you choose this last modality (bank documents) you WON´T send us via email the scanned document, it will be enough with the making of the payment in the bank.

2. Questionnaire for the organization of the conference
(Without both requirements the registration for attendance won't be processed).


The topics are flexible interdisciplinary proposals that offer the possibility to comprehend a variety of proposals for research.
  1. Transcultural issues and creation of new identities: re / de-contextualization of popular musics; postcolonial studies; the role of communities in music, and music and politics.
  2. Music, new media and new technologies: their role in audiovisual languages, studies on audiences and consumerism, mass media, and acoustics.
  3. Historical musicology: new contributions to this discipline from several environments: sociological, literary, documental, critical, analytic and iconographic ones.
  4. Heritage: recovery and transmission: studies upon reception, pedagogy, performance, criticism and management.

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   Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, along with Jove Associació of Musicology, welcomes V Days of Young Musicologists and Students of Musicology. These Days receive support from Departmento Interfacultativo de Música (UAM) and they will take place between 13rd and 16th March 2012 at Facultad de Filosofía y Letras in Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

   The aim of this meeting is to create an atmosphere for debate and discussion devoted to undergraduate students and postgraduate students and doctors having obtained their degree after 2008. This will be achieved through communications, round tables, posters, workshops and topic walls of communications related to each other, whose main objective is to face the challenges of research nowadays. With this objective it will cover studies concerning traditional historiography as well as new musicological trends from different areas of knowledge.